Monday, 19 January 2015

The Schedule

Completed Last Week

    Need To Do
    •Audience research (use must be conclusive and you must show evidence of responses from at least 10-15 people
    •Read and comment on peer blogs (extension task)
    What I Have Learnt
    From completing all this work I have learnt how to do research that can help me extend and elaborate on particular ideas that I have previously come up with. When it came to analysing existing magazine titles, it helped me learn how to create a suitable name that would be right for the target audience that I have selected myself.
    Organisation and time management
    I think that I have adapted to the demands of the schedule well as I put in a minimum of 1 hour of work a day. On top of this I also put forward the use of my study periods within school to ensure I can get as much work done as I can. Alongside other subjects it can be a struggle to get all work done to a high standard within the deadline time however on other occasions it can be manageable. I set myself daily targets of perhaps getting a particular amount of posts done to ensure I don’t have too much to do the night before the deadline set.
    Research and Planning
    For my music magazine I have taken ideas and have learnt about the particular features that I have to include in my magazine. I feel that I could replicate layout in some ways so that it will suit my target audience. Furthermore I have learnt how some magazines are covered in information and images and then others have minimal features so perhaps one image, little writing etc.
    I feel that the technologies that I have more of a strength with would include the camera as I have used one outside of the course. However Photoshop is something I that will require work on as I have never really used it before and need to improve my speed when using it so I can complete more complex tasks within and on my magazine.

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