Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Analysis of existing Magazine Titles

For this area I will be looking at and analysing different magazine titles, there fonts, colour decision and style.

This is the first title I will be looking at, it has been taken from the Cosmopolitan magazine which is a magazine about a variety of things including fashion. This magazine doesn't have a set colour scheme for every magazine and they mix it up making every one different. The font for this magazine title, I like, because it is easy to read and is quite bold so would be eye catching to the market. Having all the letters level with each other rather than being slightly scattered is a benefit because it prevents the magazine from looking untidy and unprofessional. If the cover was to have a lot of writing and images, the title wouldn't want to be all over the place as it would need to keep some sense of layout and precision.
The name Cosmopolitan defined means something that is familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures. This is good to have as a name of a magazine as it would look involving to many different countries and cultures which could therefore improve sales.

This is another title example and this is the KERRANG! magazine which is a music magazine for a specific genre of music that is much more defined. This magazine title is a lot less formal and looks more scruffy to me. From simply looking at it I could define who this magazine is aimed towards and I'm sure many other people could develop an opinion of this magazine title quickly. Having the white lines going over the work adds an extra effect to the writing.
When researching this magazine name I gained two results, one of which was about the magazine itself. It said that the magazine was a long running rock and metal/punk magazine which runs an awards ceremony and in recent years has expanded into a TV station and radio station. As well as this it also spoke about how 'Kerrang' is the sound that a guitar makes and this relates to the music of which the magazine talks about.
Overall I think the name of this magazine is clever in the way that it is named after the noise a guitar makes and I can now relate the lines on the name to the strings of a guitar and the way they are long and thin.

For now this is the final title that I will be looking at and it is from the Bliss magazine that is directed and marketed towards young girls.
For all of their magazine issues the title is a different colour and that could be to go with the person on the cover but it is also related to the colour scheme that they have chosen for that particular magazine. The definition of bliss is actually perfect happiness and great joy so having this as the title for young girls to see is very appropriate. It is appropriate because it is positive and will portray a happy style of living from reading the magazine.
On a magazine I think that this bold title that is easy to read is very good because it means that in a shop or online it could get anyone's attention for them to then read the articles and be interested in what it’s about. This then makes the magazine develop and gain more readers.
Overall I really like this title because I think that it is very suitable for the target audience but also because it is clear and easy to read. Sometimes on magazines titles can be difficult read. 

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