Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Font Style 1

This font was found in a font book and I think that it would be very suitable for a new magazine. I think this because it looks unique to the eye and also has a bit of edge that could potentially make the audience interested in it. I think that this font would only look good in dark colours because of the style that it is however I think that it could be used in a variety of different music magazine genres like chart, R ‘n’ B, Indie etc. I think this because it could give these types of magazines a twist rather than keeping them boring with a straight edged font that wouldn’t be as appealing to the eye.

One negative with this font is that you wouldn’t have a choice in whether to have any of the letters in lower case as there isn’t an option. This would force you to use upper case which may not be to your magazines style or genre.

Overall I do really like this font and I think it would add something really good to a music magazine. Another final reason is because this font is very different a lot like music.

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