Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fashion and Style Research 1

In this post I am going to be looking at the different styles and fashion ideas that I could use in my music magazine. Because I am having the charts as my genre in my magazine I will be able to use a variety of different styles rather than specifying to just one.

In this picture is Hoodie Allen, he is a rap artist and sometimes does collaborations with people like Ed Sheeran. He is wearing a casual printed low neck t-shirt and a denim jacket. I like what he is wearing in this picture because I think it makes him look stylish and right for type of music that he writes and produces. This would be a suitable style for my magazine as it is still quite edgy but it would look attractive to my target audience. 

The style that Selena Gomez is wearing in the photo on the left would be perfect for my magazine as I like the colour scheme she has used in her outfit and also the attitude she is portraying.
In this picture you can see that Selena isn't serious about her image as she has her face scrunched up and is posing really obviously to the camera. Something like this on the cover of my magazine would make it look really quirky and up to date therefore the audience would like it.
The image on the right is from the same photo shoot and you can see how she is wearing the same clothes and how they have edited the colours to make them suit her more or the magazine style more.

Below is an image of Bruno Mars and Christina Perri that I have put together. I have used this as a representation of how style could be used in black white and red which was one of my colour palette ideas.

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