Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Colour Palette 2

In this colour palette I have chosen to analyse grey, dark blue and turquoise and how they work well together. Firstly I would like to say how the blue and turquoise are very similar and could clash together when on a magazine. For example; having one of them as the background and the other for the text wouldn’t work.
However the grey does work well with both of these colours and would be good to use as a background colour with the blue and turquoise layered on top of it. Overall I do like this group of colours however I think they are very similar and the audience that they attract would be very limited as they are stereotypically male colours.

These colours of yellow pink and blue have already been looked at but as a much brighter tone. This selection is a bit more subtle and would be more suitable to a wider audience as it would stand out but wouldn’t be too vibrant and in the audiences face. Due to this it would be a lot more likely to be looked at closer as you could layer any of the colours on top of each other and it would still look presentable.
One issue I have with this colour palette is that the yellow is a bit too custard like and could put people off especially if it was the predominant colour. However some audiences may like this shade of yellow.

This palette or colour scheme is again made with the custard shade of yellow, pastel red and orange. These colours would be a representation of something hot and new to be read but also could look quite boring when on a magazine page. All the colours complement each other and would look good when used on a double paged spread however I do think they would be right for a cover as you would something that the target market would be drawn to straight away.

I really do like this colour palette that has been made up of dark red, dark purple and dark blue. I find this palette would look very attractive for a magazine cover, contents and double page spread as you could work with the colours and also maybe incorporate white to do the text. I think these colours would appeal to an older teenage audience as they wouldn’t attract the likes of young pretty and pink girls so this would be appropriate for a chart music magazine or something along those lines.
As well as this I think the colours blend well together but are still very individual and would perhaps have their own meaning behind them.  For example: red for the love of music, purple for the soul of the music and blue for the background and lyrics of the song. This would make the audience relate to not only the magazine but also indirectly the colours and music genre within it.
Overall I think this colour scheme would be really good for a magazine however if you weren’t to have a lighter coloured text it would be difficult to read.

This colour scheme is made up of purple, baby pink and light grey. To begin with I think that this palette looks very stereotypically feminine as pink is usually defined as a girly colour. This would automatically limit a market as the colours would put of any males. On top of this, because the colours are so light you may think that this was a children’s music magazine due to the colours and you would perhaps expect someone like One Direction on the cover.
A good thing about this scheme is that the colours do look good together and it would be suitable for some types of magazine however I wouldn’t personally use it for my own.

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