Monday, 12 January 2015

Contents Page Analysis


This contents page is from the summer issue of the POP magazine. This magazine I feel is targeted at again young girls/teenagers.
The contents page seems to be very neatly laid out and the bold heading at the top stands out to the audience as it is in a very vibrant pink colour. This goes along with the colour scheme of the magazine that is pink, yellow and slightly blue. These colours are all very bright and compliment each other and the image of the girl on the right hand side.
There are only two images on this contents page, a small one that encourages the audience to subscribe to the magazine and then a large image of a girl on the right that is a mid-shot. Having this image fills the blank space and will also make the magazine relate slightly to the audience.
The layout of this contents page is very basic however it portrays to the audience the image it needs through, through the picture of the girl and the text down the left hand side. All of the text has a heading above them, to categorise them into separate sections. This makes the page more understandable to follow.

Overall I do like this contents page however I think that image is slightly week and the text is a little too small to read. A positive about this contents page is that is has a bright colour scheme and would be suitable for its target audience. 

This magazine contents page appears to be a lot manlier than the previous one I have analysed and the target audience isn’t so clear.
On this contents page there is a bold black heading and has a large image of a man. An arm is wrapped around his body and there is a predominant red heart that stands out over the top of some of the other features of the page. The main three colours in this colour scheme I would say is red, black and grey. These three colours work well together as they don’t clash and appear much more formalised than bright colours that stand out from the page over the images and text.
The text on this page is very small which makes your eye focus on the image. The image will most likely play an important part in the main magazine and is probably also included in one of the main articles of the magazine. Having the text so small will make the audience look closer into the text which could potentially interest them more because generally people just skip by this page of a magazine however if there is something to see they may not.

Overall I think this magazine contents page is very effective as it gives the reader something and draws their attention into the magazine straight away. What I really do like about this is the colour scheme because of how basic it is even with the slight red hidden in it. This almost makes it look like there is a mystery behind the image or a reason that you will find out during the magazine. 


Again with this contents page I am unsure of what magazine it is from however from the appearance of it the target audience is most likely women around the ages of 16-30. I think this because of the font style. The font style appears very classy and formalised which makes the magazine appear more feminine and posh. I say it looks posh as it almost looks hand written.
I would also categorise this magazine as feminine also by the colour scheme of pink, white and black. The pink is very subtle and plain in the background and it doesn’t take the attention away from the image of Demi Lovato or the text on the right of her.
Having an image of Demi Lovato, a pop icon would attract the reader’s attention as she is well known and also well liked. This would make people want to read the potential article about her, encouraging them to buy the whole magazine.
In the bottom left hand corner of this magazine there is a small page number, this is a good addition to have to contents page even though the whole page is about where everything is. Again this makes the page look a lot more professional to me as a female audience member but also it gets the italic styled font on the page again.

Having the text on the right hand side is good as it makes it look neat and well grouped together. It isn’t however all put in as one block but it is again categorised into different sections for the audience to easily read and see when they open to this page. 

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