Monday, 12 January 2015

Double Page Spread Analysis


This is a double page spread from the Cosmopolitan magazine. I feel that this magazine has a target audience of females aged between 15+. I think this because it is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that has a lot of pictures and text within it rather than interactive quizzes and games.
As you can see on this double page spread the layout is quite uneven as there is a lot of text on the left and very few images and the page on the right is only images with a heading. The font however used on these pages is very bold and eye catching therefore it takes your sight away from the mass of writing and helps you focus on the point of the text that is there.
The colours on this page are a lot more varied compared to what is seen on a cover page or a contents page as there is silver, grey, pink and black. This is four colours compared to the other pages that have just three usually.
 There is a big pink circle in the center of the text that has a quote from the writing in it. This means that the reader will read this first and wonder where that quote has come from, encouraging them to read the whole text. 


I have taken this double page spread from the magazine MAYHEM! This magazines target audience is very varied and many different age groups could read this between I would say 10 on wards. The magazine involves articles about a variety of different icons such as Rita Ora who is on the double page above and this will relate to the audiences interests.
The colour scheme in this double page spread is red white and black and I think it makes the page look very attention seeking and modern. This especially with the specific font used for the title name. The font used is very bold and covers both sides of the spread making it really stand out from everything else. It is layered over the top of the image of Rita Ora which again makes the text more prominent to her.
There is two text boxes on either side of the image and title and they are white with red sub headings and black main text. This relates to the colour scheme across the rest of the page.
Overall I do like the layout of this double page spread as it hasn’t been overdone with too much colour or too much text. This is good because it means the audience isn’t overwhelmed by too much on one page and also they can focus on the point of the text and article on the page.

Computer Arte

This magazine double page spread is from the Computer Arte magazine and the whole thing is usually all done in black and white. This magazine in my opinion is aimed and targeted at people around university age as it is a very informative and laid back magazine that many different people can read with different interests.
The title on this double page spread is very bold and plays on the words of Amy Winehouses name, ‘Amy Ink House’.  This is a very clever way to title a spread as it relates to person involved in the article and also what the article is based on and written about. The image on the right hand side takes up the full screen and almost acts as a poster page that people can take out without it ruining the article on the left hand side.

In terms of the colour scheme it is basic, black, white and grey. This keeps the page simple and stops certain features standing out more than others. Overall I do like this layout because it isn’t over done and they haven’t loaded the page with too much text yet it still looks informative and professional in some ways. 

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