Saturday, 17 January 2015

Audience Profiles

For my own magazine I am going to target it at the female gender as I want to focus on women’s style within the music industry but mainly what’s in the charts. The age group that I will aim to target will be females around the age of 14-20. I know this age group will want different things from a magazine but my aim is to try and find something in between that both age groups will like equally as much. I want my magazine to be informative but also interesting that’s why I have put such a big age difference rather than making it too specific.

Charlotte Dickinson

Charlotte is 16 years old and is currently doing A-Levels in Art, Sociology, Psychology and I.T. She’s usually listening to music by Hoodie Allen but if she’s not doing that she’ll be dancing to the newest dance music. In her spare time she likes to hang out with friends and eat, she has mates over all the time and they just sit, snack, and watch movies.  I would say that her style is quite on trend and she tends to wear quite a lot of black but always accessorises her outfits with a necklace, scarf and Pandora rings. She has quite a few of them now in a variety of colours and styles to match her outfit. Her hair is always perfect, up or down, curly or straight. Upper eyeliner is always on point too might I add. Charlotte is a confident girl and isn’t scared to pull a stupid face at the camera and is also popular with the boys. When at home on her own, she’ll be chilling in black leggings, grey jumper and hair tied back, if not she’ll be with her boyfriend, ‘danny zucko’. For hobbies charlotte likes catching up on the gossip on Instagram, doing a bit of Zumba and skyping her closest chums.
Eleanor Guiver
Eleanor and Charlotte are very similar but Eleanor has a few traits that are slightly different. She is again 16 years old but is taking Psychology, Maths and Biology so very scientific subjects. She did used to take textiles but dropped that from the work load as all the other subjects were taking up all her time. Eleanor’s music taste is a little more varied as she listens to quite a lot of things that is in the charts. Sometimes she’ll dance to ex Disney stars music and other times it will be Hoodie Allen like Charlotte. In her spare time she likes to go horse riding and also dancing and she has developed quite muscly arms from the riding. Eleanor can get away with wearing anything; she could come to school impersonating a tramp and still look fabulous. I don’t know how she does it. Her hair is naturally curly so normally she puts it half up half down to keep it out of her face and it stays in all day, no matter what. Eleanor loves to take a selfie when she’s out with her friends and they’ll soon appear on Snapchat along with all the incoming Snapchat’s that people send to her. Her hobbies are pretty much the same as what she does in her spare time although I think she may do a bit of Zumba also on Wednesdays.
Olivia Moore
Olivia is 16 again and is keen on learning French to speak to her boyfriend fluently when she goes over to France to see him. At college she is taking, English language, French and philosophy. Quite a lot of the time you’ll see her wearing, leggings, ugg boots and her big jack wills coat that is just amazing. It’s so fluffy on the inside and I think it may be her first winter coat in years. Olivia is always listening to music, you can’t get headphones out of her ears. She’s usually listening to something either really old and traditional or sexual and cheeky. Whether it’s having a dance at lunch or in a lesson, she will always find an excuse to put on her latest tune. Olivia writes in her spare time about football, Chelsea mainly, she has a bit of an obsession with a certain player. I think she may have made a fan page on Instagram for him. Her articles about the sport have now become very popular and over three thousand people are following her to see what she has to say. Also in her spare time Olivia likes to dance and horse ride to take her mind off all the coursework she’s loaded with.

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