Sunday, 18 January 2015

IPC Media Analysis

ICP Media 

IPC Media is an international publishing corporation who owned a small part of Time Incorporation which is a consumer magazine and digital publisher in the UK that actually has a large portfolio that is selling around 350 million copies each and every year. IPC media are also known for their award winning magazine called NME and this magazine reaches out to 1.1 million people each week and it is also the longest published magazine and most respected music magazine that is out worldwide. They are, as well as this, the UK's leading consumer magazine publisher because they magazines to over 26 million adults worldwide.
As well as this, IPC media branches out over a lot of different platforms like online magazine and these have a gross of over 25 million views every month on top of the traditional paper magazines that they produce.

IPC Magazines — consumer magazines and comics
IPC Printing — all non-newspaper printing operations (headed by Arnold Quick, whose own company had also been acquired by IPC).
IPC New Products — launching pad for products which used new technology (headed by Alistair McIntosh).

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