Sunday, 18 January 2015

Photographer Research

Emma Summerton

Emma Summerton used to be a painter and then became a fashion photographer developing her signature look with bold and colourful subjects. She is originally from Australia and she combines her art knowledge to her work to create dynamic pictures that are seen in magazines and publications like the Italian, American, Japanese and British Vogue along with magazines like I.D. She also puts her skill into advertisement for clients like Topshop and Miu Miu. As well as this, Emma successfully closed the gap between doing fine art and fashion making her career with edgy and striking scenes that she captures with her camera or pen.

Over the past few years she has been getting more and more self-portraits done and has plans to publish them in a book about herself someday. However at the minute she is focusing on the fashion industry and how to get her pictures into the leading and most popular magazines.
To the right is two examples of photographs that Emma Summerton has taken for magazine shoots.
Tony Kelly
He was born in 1975 and is an Irish fashion photographer. He grew up in Ireland but is currently working in Los Angeles. The work that he does is normally published in magazines like Vogue Paris and Playboy (US Edition) along with The Sunday Times. On top of this he also does advertising campaigns for American Apparel an Dynamite (Canada) and has recently photographed Justin Bieber for the Complex Magazine.
Tony Kelly’s photographs are quite commonly overly sexual in nature and he has actually been described as ‘irreverent, uncouth and provocative’ or ‘spontaneous, talkative and hyper-energetic’. People always say that his flashy style has now conquered the world of fashion. James Mullinger, the photo editor of GQ magazine has also described him as a modern genius and also someone who works at an incredible pace.
Tony actually started his career in the Irish and UK newspaper industry where he worked as a photographer for the Independent Newspapers and the International News. As well as this his assignments used to include things about the conflicts in Rwanda and Afghanistan.


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