Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Colour Palettes 1

This colour palette/scheme is quite subtle and natural therefore would be suitable for a classical music style magazine. I do like this scheme however I don’t think it would be very appropriate for my aim due to it being light shades of blue, cream and grey.
This colour palette is very bright compared to the other ones I have analysed and would be good in a pop music magazine. It would stand out to the audience and would make them interested due to the colour. It isn’t dull and is vibrant compared to using colours like grey and black. The target audience that I think would suit this magazine colour palette the best would be teenage girls around the age of 9-14. It could be suitable for older girls if the genre of the magazine was more grown up.
This is a colour palette that I am not as keen on as it uses green, blue and grey. This would be suitable for something like leaflet or information booklet for a school or college rather than an upbeat magazine that you would pick out in a shop. However, the colours do work well together and you could layer them together to create a bright and vibrant layout to a magazine but again it would be difficult to read any of the text as there are no dark colours that would stand out from another.
In this colour palette there is a dark blue/purple, pink and black. This would be useful as the colours could all be used in different areas of the magazine and it is stereotypically a boy’s colour, a girl’s colour and mutual colour from both genders.  I would most likely have the brighter colours as the background and added image colours and then the black as the text to ensure that everything looks clean and professional rather than hard to read over the other images on the page.
This is my first colour palette and it is quite simple colours of black, light grey and a strong red that isn’t too prominent. I like this colour palette as the colours work well together and make each other. Any of the colours could be a main feat
ure of the pages however I wouldn’t over use the black as it could turn away certain audiences. The red in this palette is nice as it isn’t too dark and or too bright and would work well alongside the black giving my magazine a mystery type of vibe.


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