Monday, 12 January 2015

Cover Page Analysis


This magazine cover is from the magazine Bliss and its target audience is young girls aging between 8 and 14. It has very bright colours which would make it eye catching to the audience it’s targeted at and the title is very bold. On top of this it has a well-known face on the cover – Taylor Swift – rather than a random model. This will again make it more eye catching because any fans of Taylor swift will go and pick it up to read about what she has to say within the magazine.
This layout is almost like a box as you have the heading at the top, writing and images down both sides and then an image at the bottom which spreads slightly across the bottom of the page. You can see from the cover straight away that the magazine will have a lot going on inside from the layout. Another reason why it would be attractive to the audience would be because of the headlining articles. These stand out and again will get the reader’s attention.
The size of the price on the right hand side is very small and this would be a prevention of putting people off due to the price of the magazine. Because of the size of the price, people’s attention will be drawn to the content of what’s on the cover rather than having their attention drawn straight to the price of it.

As you can see, the magazine is set on quite a basic colour scheme of pink, blue, white and a small amount of black and even the person on the cover doesn't really break this as she is wearing a dark blue and white dress. Having this colour scheme is a good thing to have because it means that the cover isn't messy and over the top. It is still full of information about what is inside the magazine however it is still readable and neat. 


This magazine cover is from Vogue Australia and it is a fashion magazine. From the appearance of the cover you would associate this with a target audience of women around the age of 25-40. I have chosen this age group of people because they will have more interest in this area of the media and will also have more background knowledge of what this magazine company is.

On the cover you can see a single woman taking up the whole page and it has writing just at the top and the bottom. The colour scheme for the magazine would be blue, black and white. Having the bold blue writing at the bottom of the cover would stand out straight away to an audience of all ages however the lack of writing will interest more people than others. The basicness of this cover is very clever as it informs the audience of what the magazine is about but doesn’t give to much away, encouraging people to purchase it. 


This magazine cover is from Ocean Fashion and it is one of the special issues. I feel that this magazine is targeted at older girls and young women so around the age of 17-30. I think this because of the language that is used on the cover and also one of the added images. Again on this cover the title is very bold but the image of Kim Kardashian is over lapping the title slightly. This makes her the main article of the magazine as she is the most upfront feature of the cover.
The colour scheme of this magazine is green, yellow and black. This is an odd choice of colour but the colours work well together, especially the black writing on the yellow. Kim is not wearing anything yellow or black but her dress is very prominent making the green the third colour choice for this cover.
The layout of this magazine is very similar to the F layout. On this cover, there isn’t too much information but what is there is very selective and would stand out to an audience when they were picking a magazine. The use of the large lettering for the number 269 will catch the reader’s eye as they may question ‘269 what?’ I feel this is a good marketing technique as a reader has to take a closer look at the magazine to find out what the number is actually talking about.

Compared to the Bliss magazine, this magazine is very sparse of information on the cover however it does suit its target audience. Its layout makes it look more ‘grown up’ and also the fonts used aren’t too ‘in your face’ compared to the bliss magazine cover. The barcode on this magazine is slightly bigger than you would expect but in this case it shouldn't turn away the market as the target audience are more likely to spend their money on this type of magazine due to their age and finances. 

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