Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Development of My Magazine Title

For the name of my magazine I have been researching different magazines and how they have been styled. I would like my magazine to be quite feminine and for now I think I want my target market to be females between the ages of 16-20. I want to look unique and to have a memorable title.

Initially I was thinking of aiming my magazine at younger teenagers and was going to call it ‘Winx’ however when thinking about this title in more details it could be connected to sexual connotations. I would have done this title in quite a bright tone that would stand out to an audience.
The next area I started looking at was the idea of using a latin word. I thought this would be a good way of making my music magazine look and sound unique when compared to magazines like ‘Bliss’ or ‘POP!’. The words below are the ones I have been looking at.

English                       Latin                          

Dove                           Columba

Girls                            Puellae

Flower                        Flos

Overall, my preferred choice is ‘Puellae’ which means girls in Latin. I think this is good because it sounds unique and catchy therefore people are more likely to remember the title or develop an interest. With it meaning girls, it could potentially make the readers feel special as it would be a music magazine just for them so it would have more of their musical interests. The word ‘Puellae’ also sounds quite pretty and when I think of the word I think of the colour blue. This could be used within my colour scheme for the cover.

The next idea that I came up with is 'Confide'. This would be like a behind the scenes music magazine, talking about the charts and what the artists are really like. The definition of confide is all about secrets and what is being hidden therefore this would give my magazine something interesting about it.  Another reason why I like this magazine title idea is because it could again make the audience think they have their own personal magazine that only tells them 'secrets' because it would be confiding its secrets with the audience.

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