Monday, 26 January 2015

60 Minute Magazine In Steps

These are the 7 different steps that I went through to make my magazine cover in just one hour. I started with just a basic image of Paloma Faith and for the image there was a slight gap at the top between the picture and the top of the page. 
In this step I put a coloured box at the top so that there wasn’t a white area. I made the colour the same by drawing out the colour from the background of the image of Paloma Faith.
Next I just simply added the title. I chose to use this font as I felt it was bold and would stand out to the market. I made it to size 140 as it was what fitted best without it looking at all squashed. 
For this step all I did was put Paloma’ hair over the top of the heading, this in my opinion makes the cover look much less block laid out and slightly more professional. 
 Now I added the barcode to my cover. I decided to put in the bottom left hand corner so that it wouldn’t stand out to much over the other features of the magazine. A barcode is only going to be used on purchase so it therefore didn’t need to be too big or prominent.
In this step I just added the text of the issue number, the month of the issue and also the price. I feel this is important to have on the cover however it doesn't need to be too big.
Finally I added the text about the cover girl, Pamola Faith, and I wrote her name and something related to her. Having her name on the front would to begin with attract any of her fans but also anyone who likes that style of music.

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