Sunday, 1 March 2015

Research Of BLISS Magazine

BLISS magazine in my opinion is a magazine that is targeted towards young girls. It has many areas that are covered within it including; music, fashion etc. I would say that the main focus of this magazine is music as their cover usually has someone on it relating to music as well as many articles inside. I have used BLISS Magazines as almost a style model for my work and I have used some of their ideas and layout designs to influence my own.

This is a picture of one of BLISS Magazines cover pages and it has a picture of Ella Henderson on it and she is a music artist. The cover has a lot of bright and vibrant colours on it and there is also a variety of different shapes on it also. This makes the cover look eye catching to the audience, encouraging them to purchase it. Furthermore they have also used a variety of different sized print and fonts and this also makes the cover look more appealing.

This is an example of a contents page from the BLISS Magazine. On their contents page they have used many different pictures and have also used a colour palette of which the colours compliment each other.

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