Saturday, 14 March 2015

Evaluation Question 3 Draft

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Publishing is the process of which production and distribution of something like, music, literature, and other information go through before it reaches their audience. There is lots of different distribution and publishing companies that are all within the media industry and these companies include: Bauer Publishing, Time Inc., Meredith and a variety of others. One other publishing company includes IPC Media, which is an international publishing company. This company is one of the UK’s leading and most successful digital and magazine publishing companies and it also has a large reputation of selling over a million copies of their different magazines in just a year. The company also own 60 of the more well-known brands. On top of this IPC owns many magazines and their brands like NME. NME is a very successful magazine known for its musical knowledge and articles. Furthermore it also owns a magazine called NUTS which is a well-known men’s leisure magazine and a women’s weekly magazine called NOW which is also very successful.

The money used for the production and the publishing of my magazine, CONFIDE, would all be funded from different adverts and promotion of products from other companies. An example of advertisement that would be included in my magazine, includes, tour advertising and perhaps merchandise for a particular artist. To get the finances I would charge the companies a sum of money for a certain amount of space in my magazine and this would be to ensure that I can afford the production and publishing but also that they can promote their products to a wider audience. This would be a benefit to these companies because it means that they will be being advertised to a larger audience and perhaps a different type of audience that may develop an interest in the product due to it being in my magazine. A reason why it would be benefitting my magazine would be because it will be helping to fund my magazine and make it more successful. The overall inspiration to use advertisement and promotion was to then gain the attention of production companies and their funding by large ranges of other magazine producers such as, ID magazine and Dazed magazine.

Overall I feel that IPC Media is the appropriate and suitable institution to publish my ‘CONFIDE’ magazine as it has a large range of experience within publishing and distribution of many successful and categorised magazines. Also, it has the experience and knowledge of publishing female targeted magazines like ‘Look’. Look magazine is for quite young people therefore the register of the articles would be suitable and similar to that of my magazine. This will be a benefit to my magazine production as IPC’s producers can be a support to my magazine and inspire me with designing and developing my magazine further. An example of this is that they could make recommendations of where to distribute my magazine to my audience and what customers will have the largest in my magazine. It is important to have the correct media institution to help promote my media magazine so that it is successful.

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  1. This is a very detailed response and demonstrates a commendable level of understanding about the basics of business. Try to add some detail about where IPC could place your magazine (which particular shops) to ensure you were readily available to your target market. Additionally I recommend that you consider how you may distrubte your work digitally as this will obviously become a growth sector.