Saturday, 14 March 2015

Evaluation Question 4 Draft

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

From the research that I did for my target audience of fangirls/chart and pop followers, I came to the conclusion that my music magazines audience would be exclusively targeted towards females in the age bracket of 14 - 20. I feel that this age range is an appropriate one to target at as this is when my audience will be the most interested in lots of different types of music therefore the charts and pop industry would be suitable to this crowd of people. Fangirls can be found in all sorts of genres of music therefore having and pop/chart magazine would reach a further audience than just limiting it to an indie/alternative audience.  I have also based my target audience on the liveliness and bubbliness of the content and the colour scheme of which I will use.  I have looked at research and have noticed that when it comes to gigs and concerts, people who are under 18 sometimes have to attend with an adult therefore I would need to have artists within my magazine that would be appropriate for 18+ people who would want to attend but also families in some ways as those 14 year olds that read my magazine would have to take perhaps a parent. Therefore I would have to have artists appropriate for everyone to read about and enjoy yet still fall into the social category of my target market. I have chosen the age of 20 as the stop point for my target audience as this is when people will be in university and may lose interest in magazines and pop music. On top of this, people may start to settle down and have less colourful lifestyles and this could have an impact on their musical interests.

The sales to the different ages could have different results each month and this could be due to the artists that I feature in my magazine. An example being that; bands like One Direction could attract the younger ages of my target market whereas Clean Bandit might be more towards the older groups. This would have an effect on the sales. The genre of my magazine and the music within it is pop/chart music and this means that my magazine will focus on groups of fans together and how they support a particular artist rather than their differences between each other. I would presume my audience to have similar fashion sense to each other also and act towards music in similar ways rather than having contradicting opinions like the audience of an indie/alternation magazine. I feel that there is a gap in the market for a magazine of my genre for this age group as BLISS magazine, the magazine I used for research, has been disbanded and no longer runs therefore my magazine would be popular alternative for this audience. On top of this I feel that a lot of the magazines that are out there at the minute are quite alternative/indie. From this I am now aware that for my own magazine I need to offer a bigger range of artists that are known and unknown and also information about these artists within my magazine but still keep it at a reasonable price. The price that I have put on my magazine is £3.99 and I feel this is an appropriate price for my magazine as it isn’t too expensive for my audience.

When designing and producing my magazine I had to make sure that I kept all my research in mind and make sure that my magazine fits the style and genre that I chose for my target audience. This would be to ensure that my audience are interested in my magazine­­ and also that the artists that I have created ‘HUMAN’ is appropriate in clothing styles for my genre and audience. The hair styles of my artists are quite glamourous rather than being messy or unusual and this is a popular style for this genre of magazine. It is similar to other pop artists like Selena Gomez who styles her hair has quite big and wavy. I also styled and designed my magazine so that it was bold and full so that there is lots’ going on for my audience to see. On top of this it also matches the genre more appropriately.

Below are two audience profiles, which I feel are the type of girls who would read this style and genre of magazine. They have similar style to my artists and they also fit in well with my target audience research meaning they could be potential customers of ‘CONFIDE’ magazine. On top of this I also asked the two girls a few questions about my magazine which could soon go onto the magazine market. These questions could include questions like; ‘would you be willing to buy this magazine if it was to go onto the pop/chart magazine market?’, ‘how much would you pay for this magazine?’ and finally ‘what artists would you like to read about in a music magazine?’


Name: Olivia Moore

Age: 16

Interests: Dancing, listening to music

Favourite Clothes Shop: H and M

Favourite Artist: Rhianna

Currently Read: There isn’t really a music magazine that I’m interested in at the minute so I just read fashion magazines…

Question 1: Would you be willing to buy this magazine if it was to go onto the pop/chart magazine market? Yes definitely because like I said there aren’t really any pop ones for my age group at the minute.

Question 2: How much would you pay for this magazine? I don’t know, it depends really, I think up to £4.50

Question 3: What artists would you like to read about in a music magazine? Well Rhianna if I’m honest but I quite like the idea of having new artists to read about.

Name: Amy Fowles

Age: 19

Interests: Love dancing and singing and all things like that

Favourite Clothes Shop: Newlook, River Island etc

Favourite Artist: I like most music that’s in the charts. Like Ed Sheeran though

Currently Read: I read a lot of online articles on buzzfeed

Question 1: Would you be willing to buy this magazine if it was to go onto the pop/chart magazine market? Yeah sure, looks really cool and interesting to me

Question 2: How much would you pay for this magazine? Well, I don’t have a job at the minute so only perhaps £3 - £4…

Question 3: What artists would you like to read about in a music magazine? Anyone who quite well known and in the charts and stuff.

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  1. Yet another very comprehensive response Melissa. I do think that your audience may well be slightly younger than you think, I'd consider how 13/14 year olds would also consume your product (as well as the main market of 15/16 year olds).