Thursday, 12 March 2015

Audience Prediction

Who do I want to read my magazine?

If my magazine was to be published I would want the audience to be what I originally categorised for the age. In terms of personality and things I think that the typical female to read my magazine would be a bit of fan girl who liked boy bands and quite common music like the music that you would hear on the radio (Capital FM). As my magazine is published monthly, I would expect my typical target market girl to be excited about the next issue and have quite a quirky personality.

My magazine could be read by anyone however I have specified that my magazine is for young girls. This is because I feel young girls read a lot of magazine and especially ones about their favourite musical artists. The magazine itself is however in some ways quite mature so would therefore be suitable for older girls around 17, 18 so they had a choice to read it or not. On the other hand I do feel my magazine would appeal more to the 13, 14, 15 year old girls area of the market. 

Some examples of the typical girls who might read my magazine could be people like Lily, Tee and Carmen from the CBBC television programme Tracey Beaker Returns. These girls and are very private but when they have a passion for something they really get into it. They all read a lot of magazines and dance to the radio when it comes on. Overall i feel that these girls are good examples of my typical target audience. The image on the right is of the character 'Tee' and as you can see she is very colourful. In terms of instant 'judgement' this would be how i predict my target audience to look. 

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