Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mini Survey

Question 1: How many days of the week do you sit down and read a music magazine?

Person 1:  5 days at the most

Person 2:  3 days

Person 3:  most days in the evening so 6 or 7

Person 4: 2 days

Person 5:  Like once every 2 weeks

Question 2:
  What draws your attention to make you buy a music magazine?

Person 1: The Artists that I like

Person 2: Good theme

Person 3: If it looks good

Person 4: If I like the cover people

Person 5: Sometimes layout and what’s inside

Question 3:
What do you like most about the theme pop/chart?

Person 1:
 The colours on it

Person 2: How its varied so more people will like it

Person 3: How different all the artists are

Person 4: The way it could be basic or really different from other magazines

Person 5:  The surprise of who’s in it

Question 4:
Do you like the name CONFIDE for a title?

Person 1: Yeah

Person 2: I like it

Person 3: Yes

Person 4: Yes

Person 5: Its good yeah

Question 5:
Which of the following music genres do you like? Pop, rock, indie, alternative, other

Person 1: 
All of them really

Person 2:

Person 3:
 Chart so all of them

Person 4: 

Person 5: 
Indie and other

Question 6: Would you read/buy this style of magazine if you saw it in a shop?
Person 1: Yeah

Person 2: Depending on the price

Person 3: Yes
Person 4: Maybe

Person 5: Yeah I like what it looks like at the minute

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