Sunday, 8 February 2015

Test Shots Analysis

Basic long shot of Eleanor that could potentially be used on the cover of my magazine. She is central in the frame and is smiling therefore would create the impact that the magazine is inviting to all of the target audience and a nice and engaging magazine to read.

These two shots of Charlotte would show two different styles of magazine. The image on the left is quite close up and her hair fills the frame (magazine is full of image and music style) and the image on the right is a lot more subtle. Both of these images could be used on the cover of the magazine however the image on the right could also be used in a double page spread as the main image.

This close up image of Lucy is Landscape therefore would be best suited for a double page spread.

I really liked this text shot of Eleanor and Charlotte as they are positioned like a real band. (Perhaps the lead singer slightly furthers forward and the harmony singer in the back). I think this image would work for a cover, however it would be hard to find space around the image to put certain text needed for the magazine. A question of where would I put the magazine title etc.

I have used the image for my contents page as I feel it has plenty of room down the left hand side for the text and information.

 The following three images are the images that I also used on my contents page, to give the audience and market an indication of what would be in my magazine.


This is the picture that I have used on my double page spread as I feel it looks very professional and it shows the band members clearly for the audience to see almost as if it was a profile picture.

This is my magazine cover photo as it is an instant profile of my band as a long shot image. For my cover I did however zoom in on the image to crop out the corners as there was a slight error with the framing.

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